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Why is Beck's the Best Buyback Option?

Beck’s = Convenience

When you want to turn your books into cash, selling your books to Beck’s is convenient. Not only do you get the best price, you also get the best service. Students can get instant cash at any of our stores located throughout the Chicagoland area or utilize our online buyback function with free shipping.

Instant Guaranteed Quotes

Nothing is guaranteed in life other than Beck’s buyback prices. You have many ways of checking Beck’s guaranteed quotes including:
• Online
• Via Text Message
• Remote Buyback Trucks
• In-store or over the phone
• Beck’s free Iphone App

Receive up to 50% of the Retail Price

Beck’s Book Store communicates with the faculty of each and every institution we service and adopts textbooks that will be used the following term. Beck’s Book Store will pay 50% of the purchase price in cash for all textbooks provided that they have been adopted for the next term, are not overstocked and are in good condition. This allows students to obtain maximum value for their textbooks.

Best Buyback Price Available

In order to provide students with the highest competitive price for their books, Beck’s independent and innovative buyback system automatically compares the most competitive book prices in the open market. Beck’s then matches the highest price available and offers it to students wishing to sell their used books. Each and every time students are guaranteed to get the most competitive price at Beck’s book buyback.

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