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Book Buyback FAQs

How do I sell my books?

First, enter your book ISBN number in the search box and receive an instant guaranteed quote. Then, decide whether you want to bring the books to one of our conveniently located stores or use the mail in option.

In Store Buyback Option

If you prefer to receive instant cash for you books, you are welcome to bring your books to one of our locations and receive cash on the spot. ID may be required. Books brought into one of our stores are also eligible to receive the 50% retail buyback price if the book is being used the following term.

By Mail Buyback Option

The mail in option allows you to ship your books to our warehouse free of charge; we cover all shipping costs with a prepaid shipping label. Once you ship the books to our warehouse we check them in and send you a check in the mail that same day.

Both of the options are fast, easy and most importantly, guaranteed.

Even if I didn't buy my books form Beck's, can I still sell my books?

YES! Beck’s Book Store purchases books from anyone at anytime. Our competitive database of prices provides the highest buyback amounts available. We buy all types of books, regardless of where they were purchased.

What is an ISBN?

The ISBN is the so-called ID number of a book. ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number. This number allows Beck's to determine the exact title, author and edition of a book. The ISBN is located on the back of a book in the bottom right hand corner as well as on the index page inside the front cover. The ISBN will be either 10 or 13 digits.

How and when do I get paid for my books?

Those bringing their books into one of our locations receive cash on the spot. As for those who ship their books to our warehouse, Beck’s employees check in buyback books the same day they are received. Beck’s then sends a check via first class mail.

What condition is acceptable in order to sell my books?

In order to receive the proper credit quoted on, texts must be in saleable condition. Books that include the following imperfections will not receive full credit:
•Excessive highlighting or writing
•Water damage or liquid exposure
•Missing or torn pages/cover
•Broken or detached spine
•International or Teacher's Editions
•Suspicion of theft
•Any other imperfection preventing resale
Books must include any supplemental material including CDs, diskettes, study guides or other materials included in the quote description. All decisions regarding the condition of the quoted books are final and rest solely with There is a limit of 5 copies of any ISBN per customer, not per quote created. If you create multiple quotes to avoid this rule, payment will be reduced and the books will not be returned to you. Beck's Books Store is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged books.

How do I ship my books to Beck's?

Step 1: Print Your Buyback Quote
Step 2: Print Your FREE Shipping Label
Step 3: Pack your books and buyback quote securely in a box or padded envelope
Step 4: Ship your books out within 3 days of your buyback quote date
Step 5: Track the status of your buyback through automated e-mail link
Step 6: Get paid within 48 hours of Beck’s receiving your books

Pack your books with care so they are not damaged in transit. Place your free shipping label on the largest, flattest side of the package. Take your package to any post office, drop in any collection box or give it to a postal carrier. Your books must be postmarked within 3 days of your buyback quote date to guarantee your prices. You are encouraged to use the link sent to your e-mail address to track the status of your buyback. Beck’s employees update the progress of your buyback when it is received and when your check is mailed. Beck’s uses First Class Mail when sending buyback checks. Please e-mail us if you have any questions or concerns at Packages sent with our prepaid mailing option are not insured, you are encouraged to purchase insurance through your local Post Office in case your shipment is lost or damaged in transit.

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