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Know Your Options

Why Rent?

The best thing about renting your textbooks is the up front savings. You can often save up to 60% off the list price when you rent instead of buy. Another great advantage is that you know your total costs for the semester and don’t have to worry about whether you can sell your book back at the end of the term. However, if your book is lost, stolen or returned in a condition that does not allow it to be resold, you will be responsible for the full cost of the book.

Beck's offers a variety of rental options: 30, 45, 60, 90 or 125 days. Choose the rental period that best suits your needs when completing your order. If, at the end of your rental period, you realize the book is still required, you can purchase an extension of your rental period.

Why Buy?

Buying your textbooks gives you more options than renting. Compared to renting, you have the option of keeping your book at the end of the semester. You also do not have the wear and tear restrictions of renting - you can write and highlight in the book as much as you want and if you accidentally damage the book, you won’t be charged for it. Depending on a number of factors and whether or not your book is eligible for buyback at the end of the term, your overall costs may actually be lower than renting. A physical hard copy of a book has many advantages over renting and ebooks: resale value, no device needed to access the information and can be retained for future reference needs.

Why EBooks?

Purchasing your book in the electronic version can sometimes save you up to 60% off the retail price of a hardcover textbook and is more environmentally friendly. The real disadvantage to eBooks is they typically expire after your term is over and you cannot use it as a long term resource. While browsing the electronic bookshelves of an online bookstore, you may be tempted to purchase a lower priced eBook over a physical copy. Before you purchase either version, it is important to realize there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each version. You should always evaluate your own needs before making a decision.